2017 – Kapstaden, Sydafrika
kommer att tillkännages

2015 – Lyon, Frankrike
Galt assessment during the initial fitting of customized selective laser sintering ankle foot orthoses in subjects with drop foot.
Creylman V, Muraru L, Pallari J, Vertommen H and L Peeraer (Pictures from the ceremony)

2013 – Hyderabad, Indien
A new approach for the pistoning measurement in transtibial prosthesis.
Hossein Gholizadeh, Noor Azun Abu Osman, Åsa Gulaug Luviksdottir, Arezoo Eshraghi, Mojtaba Kamyab & Wan Abu Bakar Wan Abas

2010 – Leipzig, Tyskland
Upper limb prosthesis use and abandonment: a survey of the last 25 years.
Elaine A. Biddiss & Tom T. Chau

2007 – Vancouver, Kanada
The use of targeted muscle reenervation for myoelectric prostheses.
Kuiken Todd from Chicago, USA

2004 – Hongkong
Evaluation of a screening and prevention programme for diabetic foot complications.
J.W.G. Meijer, T.P Links, A.J. Smit, J.W. Groothoff, W.H. Eisma från Groningen, Nederländerna

2001 – Glasgow, Skottland
Morphological changes during early transtibial prosthetic fitting.
M. Lilja, P. Hoffman, T. Öberg from Jönköping, Sweden

1998 – Amsterdam, Nederländerna
D.K. Harrison, P.T McCollum, D.J Newton, P.Hickman och A.S. Jain from Dundee, Storbritannien

1995 – Melbourne, Australien
The CAT-CAM socket and quadrilateral socket: a comparison of energy cost during ambulation.
R.S Gailey, D. Lawrence, C. Burditt, P.Apyropoulos, C.Newell och M.S Nash from USA

1992 – Chicago, USA
Stiffness and hysteries properties of some prosthetic feet.
H.W.L van Jaarsveld, H.J Grootenboer, J de Vries och H.F.J.M Koopman from Nederländerna

1989 – Kobe, Japan
Dr Saeed Zahedi vid Chas. A. Blatchford & Sons Ltd, from Hampshire England

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